Season 1 - Mastery Invitational - Heroes

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  •   Star Realms
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Mastery Invitational tournament for the Heroes discipline -- All matches will be Type-H

Each Mastery Invitational Tournament is a selective tournament featuring one of the available digital expansions, which is the basis for the discipline. Players have previously qualified to participate in the discipline, and have then qualified for the invitational by winning the Discipline Starter tournament, or finishing in the Top-3 of one of five Crossover Tournaments. The winner of the Mastery Invitational will face the winner of the Mastery Open in the Mastery Grand Finale to be held within the discipline BGG thread.

BGG - Star Realms Masters Series - Heroes Discipline - Season 1 Competition Thread

Format: Players will be seeded into the tournament based on the number of qualifying finished, followed by the rank of their best qualifying finish (Crossover 1st place, Starter Tournament win, Crossover 2nd place, Crossover 3rd place), and then by total Trophy Points earned.

This tournament will be a Round Robin followed by a Final match.   For the 5:1 Round Robin, each competitor will play 2 games against each opponent, for a total of 8 games. The player who wins the most total games will be declared the victor.  If there is a tie for total number of wins, the records against just the tied players will then be considered. If this does not break the tie, the tied players will play a single game against each other tied player. This process will continue until there is a clear victor. The final match will be a best of five between the two group winners.


冠军: Cfudgee
有价值对手: Arcesius


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