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 The Star Realms Masters Series is a series of digital tournaments featuring each of the digital expansions as a discipline to master. For each discipline, there are three distinct phases of competition: Qualification, The Circuit, and Mastery.

Qualification:  Each discipline will have its own Qualification Tournament, where registered participants will be randomly grouped together, and compete in a round robin competition to earn the right to compete further in that discipline. The top finishers in each group will immediately take part in a Starter Tournament, as a chance to start earning some trophy points, and potentially a seat in the Mastery Invitational.

The Circuit:  Once qualified, discipline competitors will play in a series of tournaments known as The Circuit, which will be made of up five Crossover Tournaments. In each Crossover Tournament,  members from two separate disciplines will be mixed together to compete under the combined format for some more trophy points, as well as seats in their respective Mastery Invitationals.

Mastery:  After the circuit has been completed, the discipline competitors will face off in a final Mastery Tournament. This tournament will be split into two halves. First, there is the Mastery Open Tournament, with all members of the discipline competing; members who have accumulated more trophy points will have a greater advantage in this tournament. Additionally, there will be a Mastery Invitational Tournament, where members who won the Starter Tournament, or finished in the Top 3 of any of the tournaments on the Circuit will be invited to compete.  The winner of the Open and the winner of the Invitational will then face off in the Grand Finale.